Bodhi has been an absolute delight since I picked him up. He is so obedient. We walk around the campground off leash and people around doesn't bother him at all. I took him to work with me and everyone walked up to him and pet him. This is a dog that has always growled barked and hair stand up everytime he seen someone that wasn't me my wife or my son. I get home from work and we go outside and play but when I'm cooking or tinkering with my truck he sits or lays and is just there with me. Noone else around matters. Louisiana Working Dogs for training was the best decision I could have made with Bodhi Boy. He is now the Corso I have always dreamed of having. No words can describe how happy we are and thankful to LAWDs for what they have done for not only Bodhi but for me too. Thank yall so much and I would recommend yall to anyone looking for any kind of training. The love yall showed to my Bodhi Boy surly shines. Again thank yall for everything yall have done to transform my dog feom showing signs of aggression into a loving dog that I can trust walking around the park or anywhere for that matter without a worry of him showing his protective nature.

Caleb Broadway

Louisiana Working Dogs exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, expertise, and ability to deliver results. When we sent our German shepherd Trip to Quentin and his team for Advanced Off-Leash Obedience with E-Collar Conditioning, he was ill mannered, lacked respect, liked to stray from the yard, and had way too much familiarity with strangers. When he returned, we were awe struck by Trip's new skill set. While he was away he learned approximately 20 basic commands that make him a perfect fit for our family. No more jumping, barking for no reason, leaving the yard, and running all over our kids. He handles well on and off the leash, understands proximity, and knows boundaries both inside and outside. He alerts for strangers, but isn't aggressive towards our neighbors and family members. When his vest and collar go on he knows it's time to work, as indicated by his posture and eye contact. On a recent visit to Home Depot people couldn't believe that an 8 month old dog would lay down without being told while we shopped and waited in line. This dog LOVES to work and insists on daily outings to showcase his skills. He is happier and so are we! Thank you Louisiana Working Dogs!

Nikki L. Hebert

So I work away from home and I just got back home yesterday. I was gone for almost 2 months. I sent my Belgian Malinois puppy to Quentin and his team. My boy had issues because he was bounced around. He is an import from Romania. I left him with with Quentin and his team and let me tell you!! He is a totally different dog! He is getting more aggressive every day and that's what I want! Because he is going to be a protection dog. I highly recommend Louisiana Working Dogs! Quentin knows the bread and knows what it takes to train them the right way!

Van Spinks

First of all, let me say how dedicated Quentin and staff are. When I dropped my 4 month old Belgian Malinois Mattis off- I knew I picked the right trainer. Mattis was very hard headed and had soooooo much puppy. He was very timid and lacked confidence. Quentin tailored his training to bring out the best in my boy. I picked him up today after 6 weeks and couldn't be more pleased. Of course it's just kindergarten for my guy but finding someone who will dedicate the time and energy and tailoring a training program to go at your pups speed is priceless. Looking forward to eventually graduating my little big dude with LAWD.

Samantha Spinks

Before I brought Nilah to Quentin and his team she didn't know how to behave she was always on the go at home, would not keep still and would not listen. She would chew things up and terrorize the house. Now she is very well behaved after going through advanced obedience training. Quentin's dedication and patience to his clients and their dog is the best, he kept me updated about how Nilah was doing with videos. After I picked her up he has stayed in touch to see how she is doing at home. I highly recommend LAWD-9 for all your dog training needs.

Matthew Morvant

I'm so impressed with my crazy boy Daix since he completed his puppy and basic obedience with Louisiana Working Dogs!! He was 100% all puppy and had no impulse control whatsoever and hated walking on a leash but after sending him to Quentin for training I can honestly say that's the best decision I have ever made! He's such a joy now and does amazing with his commands and leash. I would definitely recommend Louisiana Working Dogs to anyone! Thanks so much to the dedicated staff and Quentin for taking such awesome care of my silly boy and keeping me updated with phone calls and videos throughout the process and for still being there if I have a question!

Kelly Grice Winget

I highly recommend getting your puppy or dog formally trained and I wouldn't choose or recommend anyone else besides Working Dogs of Louisiana! We had our Golden lab trained here and in just a few weeks my puppy has learned so many commands and is more obedient then most grown dogs. Getting your puppy to go potty on command within seconds saves hours of time in the week alone. Commands like Sit, Stay, Potty, Place, Heal, Here, and more.
They provided a multi page observation and recommendationfor my dog. Most Importantly works with you and your family to make sure your dog adapts to its current surroundings. Also does follow up calls and provides around the clock support.
I wanted to have a dog that can be taken anywhere in the public and that is exactly what Quentin Blanchard and his team have delivered.
Thank You,

Rick Patel

The dedication and expertise behind the training that Louisiana Working Dogs provides is incredible. There are plenty of trainers out there, but very few who are as professional and committed as this organization. I brought my Belgian Malinois, Storm, to Quentin Blanchard for basic obedience training and within days I was able to notice the difference in discipline that Storm was learning. If you are looking to invest your money in quality training, I would definitely choose Louisiana Working Dogs. I highly recommend and can't wait to have Storm back over there for advanced obedience!

Christian Grice

I highly recommend Louisiana Working Dogs to anyone looking for the complete training package. Quentin and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly, hands-on, and above all else, love what they do and love the dogs. Rapha is much calmer, more patient, and more disciplined since coming home. We missed her tremendously, but the results are so worth the time apart. Thank you for all you do!

Leslie Cash Lafaye

Highly recommend Quentin & Louisiana Working Dogs. Koda my 11 month old Belgian has completed Basic & Advanced. Best decision I ever made by choosing them. Quentin's knowledge and love for what he does is by far the best. He's 100% committed to his clients even after he's finished training your dog. I can literally call or text anytime and he's answering on the first ring, even at 7 in the morning. Couldn't ask for anyone better!

Tamara Pfister

Quentin Blanchard and his team at Louisiana Working Dogs LLC did an amazing job with our 2 pups! Zeus is a very stubborn boy but they managed to get him trained still with some resistance, which we are constantly working on. Sable is much calmer but her head is on a constant swivel. She has amazing energy and even with a prior leg injury(because she's a runner, she had double TPLO surgery on her hind legs and a torn meniscus and also hip dysplasia and arthritis in both knee caps before even going into training) she pushed through everything they asked of her. We are continuing to work with them on E-Collars and I must say, it makes a huge difference and they understand the commands given to them. With Zeus it's a psychological thing because when I first took him on a walk and used it he did amazing, so I turned the unit off but left the collar on and he continued to follow me around and took every command without an issue. Thank you to all who participated in our babies training so they can be successful in everything that they do.

Marie Buscaino

Quentin is a very self driven, hard working and knowledgeable person who is very passionate about what he does. From Law Enforcement to K9 training I have never known someone so passionate about what they do. You couple Quentin's attributes with those who he has chosen to surround himself with such as Jill Birkenmeier and Cody Rizan and you can't go wrong!!
I have not had a K9 trained by Louisiana Working Dogs but as a former K9 Officer if that time comes Quentin will be the call I make!!

Gary Alpha

I've had the chance to train with both Quentin and his partner. Their dedication to not just the dogs but the owners speaks volumes. Within the first session I started seeing results that I needed. I was also very happy with the fact that I found a knowledgeable staff with a cost effective training for not just one but 2 dogs at once. I highly recommend them for not just working K9s but any dog!

Angel Trahan

When you're looking for first class dog boarding/training, look no further!
Quentin has a passion for his work with dogs, that flows into excellence. I send my 7 1/2 month old Doberman Rapha for a 6 weeks Advanced Off-Leash Training and the results are amazing!! Rapha has better structure and discipline since, which makes it really fun to work with her now. This was a first time ever for me to send a dog off for 6 weeks and it was HARD! The love, care and positive training methods used by Quentin and his staff are absolutely second to none, so it was worth the 'missing-her' tenfold! Quentin updated me frequently during the training with updates, photos and videos, while answering any questions I had. I'm also very impressed with the post-training follow up! I highly recommend Louisiana Working Dogs for your dogs training needs on any level.

Ruud Vuijsters

honest and hardworking. very knowledgeable and dependable.

Erica Meche